There is only one company you need to know for all your business activities in Tunisia and neighboring countries.

We believe that business disciplines have different requirements, and in concentrating on what we excel  at, we achieve higher results.

INTERNATIONAL DRILLING SERVICES has assessed and found to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 by AFAQ AFNOR INTERNATIONAL for the provision of services in the oil sector.

INTERNATIONAL DRILLING SERVICES can provide you with high level of expertise in all oil related disciplines, ensures that “HASSLE”to you is minimised, leaving you free to concentrate your efforts on your core business, with the assurance that your service requirements are being performed professionally, safely and economically.

Our experience encompasses -IN DEPTH- knowledge of the North African market mainly the oil and gas fields, with key business contacts.

INTERNATIONAL DRILLING SERVICES is a well known company among the hydrocarbon industry in Tunisia and has established a good relationship with most of the operating and service companies such as, AL THANI PETROLEUM EMIRATES, B.G TUNISIA, C.F.T.P., C.T.F, C.T.K.C.P, ECUMED, ENI TUNISIA B.V., G.W.D.C, KUFPEC, MARETAP, O.M.V., , PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES, PERENCO, PETROFAC,SITEP, SODEPS, SOTRAPIL & TRAPSA, TPS etc, as well as with the Ministry of Industry & Energy, ETAP, A.N.P.E (Agency for Environment Protection), ANGED (Agency for Waste Management) and customs authority.
We extended our activities to enlarge environment protection and waste management. Since 2005 we are entitled by the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development to collect, store, transport and treat any contaminated water, any sludge and any waste from drilling & production operations. (Copy of this authorization n° 11-2005 dated 10/11/05 is here enclosed).


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