INTERNATIONAL DRILLING SERVICES represents in Tunisia and North Africa the following companies:

  • KSE / Atlantic Onshore Services : Sole agent, On/Offshore drilling rigs and drilling management
  • CARSON ENERGY SERVICES LTD : CANADA, Pipeline construction & installation
  • GAS LIQUIDS ENGINEERING Ltd (CANADA): Project engineering, process engineering, project management.
  • ENKSONSER (Turkey) : Pipes and fittings, mainly tubings and casings.
  • S.E.I. INDUSTRIES (Associated with Canam Aerospace) (CANADA) : Aerial and ground firefighting, environmental management.
  • FORTA (USA) : Synthetic fiber industry.
  • MAXI-TUBE : corrosion protection lining for down hole tubulars.
  • TECWELL CASED HOLE : Logging tools for well integrity and diagnosis